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Hello! We are Goort (27) and Nadia (26), we live in the Netherlands and are both full-time working in the financial services industry. However, we identify ourselves as adventurers and travelers, always looking for new life lessons and experiences!

Travel Family Gran Canaria
Travel Family Gran Canaria

How it all started

We got to know each other in the summer of 2011 on -how else- our holidays. Two teenagers who had a taste of freedom in the last phase of high school. Ultimate freedom back then meant a week with friends at the campsite in Renesse, about 50 kilometers from where we grew up. A shared holiday after which many more would follow.

Travel Family

Two years later we move in together from Zeeland to the beautiful and pleasant province North Brabant for our (international) business economics studies at Tilburg University. At that moment already determined to conquer the world together. In the third year of our studies, we get a great opportunity; studying abroad for six months. We immediately knew that we wanted to experience a country and culture that was as far away as possible from what was known to us. Our choice fell on the turbulent Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

Not much later, being 21 and 20 years old, we left for six months to the other side of the world; seeking adventure! Living together in this metropolis was a great experience. We lived in a small neighborhood in a room of only 6 square meters in the house of a friendly but at the time unknown elderly woman. Our long days in college in Hong Kong
alternated with escapes to all the beauty and mysterious that Asia has to offer. We traveled for weeks through China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Travel Family Thailand
Travel Family Hong Kong
Travel Family Hong Kong
Travel Family Taipei
Travel Family Thailand

After returning to the Netherlands, we always seized every opportunity to travel to unknown places, from short city trips to months of traveling around. For example, we visited several countries in Europe, and we made a 5-week tour of the United States of America. We also went to Panama for a month to perform voluntary work.

Working full time

After completing our studies, a new period in our life began. We both found full-time jobs in the financial services industy and moved from our apartment to a new home. We also planned our dream wedding in 2020, which unfortunately had to be postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19, including a romantic honeymoon to Cuba.

Although we have less free time than during our college days, traveling has remained our greatest passion and we are always finding ways to discover new parts of the world whenever we can. We have consciously chosen to combine our full-time career in financial services as well as our household with travelling. The variety and energy that traveling provides us, keeps us in balance and makes us more successful in our career and the life we ​​pursue!

Travel Family

With Travel Family we want to inspire and enthuse all those (full-time) working people, such as you, to travel! Whether it is a city trip in Europe or a tour through distant continents, you will find memorable experiences everywhere!

During our travels we have experienced how important and fun making and recording memories is. However, it is much more fun to be able to share all these memories with friends, family or loved ones. Through our Travel Family platform, we therefore focus our passion and travel advice not only on backpackers and world travelers, but especially on families. That is why, in addition to travel guides, advice and experiences, you will even find information about traveling with disabled people in some of our blogs!

Travel Family Florida
Travel Family Abu Dhabi
Travel Family Serfaus
Travel Family Praag
Travel Family Marrakech
Travel Family Rome

In short, through Travel Family we share our experiences and advice so that you too can travel and experience all the beauty of our wonderful world!

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