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With Travel Family we want to inspire and enthuse all those (full-time) working people, such as you, to travel! With our website and social media channels we can also set a spotlight on your organization, product, service, destination or journey. We always voice our experience, vision and opinion on our website and in our communication to our (social media) followers. This way, we bring our visitors the most value in the form of an honest review and you, as a collaboration partner, an activated and loyal audience.

The following organizations preceded you:

These and other organizations have already partnered with Travel Family to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. By informing a well-defined and qualitative target group about your services and products through Travel Family, your campaign will also be a success!

Our technology and expertise will take you further

Only when expertise comes together with the right technology the best images will be realized that do justice to your brand. Read here which equipment Travel Family has available to optimally present your product, service or brand.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone

Travel Family is RDW registered and EASA certified to operate in the EU with this professional camera drone. With this quadcopter with 48MP camera we take beautiful and impressive photos and video images from the air.

CANON EOS M-50 Camera

With this professional lightweight digital system camera with 24.1MP and a large dynamic range, we make razor-sharp images all over the world to present your location, product or experience in the best possible way.

Sony Action Camera

Sometimes it is impractical to make the correct image recordings with a system camera. We enjoy using our high-end action camera in exciting, sporty and energetic situations. Using different lenses in our protective housings, we can create razor-sharp images in various demanding situations, both above and underwater.

Post production

An attractive promotion with a photo or video always starts with a good raw shot. After that, however, it comes down to processing this image into a polished end result that fits the objective of the promotion. Travel Family is passionate about professional editing and uses professional software to achieve the best result.

Travel Family is open to all fun, creative and constructive partnerships. Below, we explain common forms of cooperation, but do not hesitate to contact us about the possibilities.

  • Sponsored posts

    Through our loyal (social media) followers and website visitors, we offer an engaged audience for your message. We are happy to do this through a personal story or attestation to strengthen your message. If you want to promote a message that suits Travel Family, we would like to discuss together how we can create the best possible reach and achieve our common goals.

  • Give away contests

    Give away contests are a fantastic way to draw attention to your product, service or experience. It activates people to take predefined actions and results in positivity towards your brand. It is also an effective way to introduce our target audience to your organization. In turn, we think it is fantastic to offer our followers a great chance to win. We are happy to discuss the many possibilities.

  • Product reviews

    During our travels we use all kinds of different products. We often write reviews about these products to help our visitors and followers make a choice. Would you like us to try out your travel-related product and write one (or more) articles about it? Please feel free to contact us about the extensive possibilities.

  • Press trips

    Would you like to bring a destination or experience to the attention of our travel-loving target group? Travel Family is happy to go on a journey and subsequently inform our audience honestly about our experiences. Whether it concerns a (hotel) accommodation, activity, region or experience; we like to put our heads together and are flexible in our options.

  • Renting online advertising space and affiliate marketing

    We make online advertising space available on our website so that you can bring your advertisement to the attention of our visitors. These advertisements are not (always) implemented in a blog or complemented with an attestation. We do, however, use guidelines to ensure that our visitors are shown relevant and suitable content. By doing this we offer you an optimal alignment of your advertisement with our target group. Affiliate marketing is also possible. We are happy to refer our visitors to your online environment with relevant information, products and / or services. We encourage you to contact us without obligation.

Interested in collaborating with Travel Family? Send a message using our contact form and we will get back to you soon!

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